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Twice (트와이스) - Girl Group

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Likey M/V (2017)

Before doing research, I simply assumed BTS would finish at the top of the list. It really was a no-brainer. But once the numbers were compared, I realized I was wrong. BTS might have the upper hand globally, but Twice's enormous popularity in South Korea puts them over the top as the No. 1 K-pop group for 2018. (As one example, their "TT" music video has been viewed over 300 million times whereas BTS is yet to join the "300M club" as of today.)

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BTS - Boy Group

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DNA M/V (2017)

What a year 2017 was for BTS. They were on the Ellen Show. They were at the AMAs. They were at the Billboard Music Awards, where they won the Top Social Artist award. It really was hard to miss them in 2017. But maybe they are just getting started. Many BTS fans are claiming on Twitter that they are learning Korean in order to feel close to the members. By the way, BTS is known as 방탄소년단 (bahng-tahn-soh-nyuhn-dahn) in South Korea, which means "bulletproof boy group." That is where the initials of BTS come from, Bang-Tan-Sonyeondan.


‘BTS’ BangTanBoyS,Billboard chart 1 Listening

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 ‘BTS’ BangTanBoyS,Billboard chart 1 Listening

Group Bulletproof Boys Celebrate First Billboard 200 in Korea Billboard's Korean Singer

Billboard announced on its official homepage Monday that "Korean boy band BTS (Bulletproof Boys) made their debut on the Billboard 200 (album chart) with their latest album" Love Yourself: 轉 'Tear "

"According to Billboard, the" Love Yourself ... "debut album from the 18th was released in the US in the first week of the week with the sale of 135,000 units, ) The unit is a new scale created by the digitization of the music market, and it adds digital streaming and downloading numbers to the volume of CDs that can be held in the hands of CDs etc. Billboard's CD sold about 100,000 copies a week, Announced "


The celebration message is also coming up in love.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also sent a celebration. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the official Twitter "K new history of pop! Congratulations to the bullet-borne boycotts who ranked first on the Billboard album chart for the first time as a Korean singer! "

"We are very thankful for letting us see this good news as soon as we get up," the Bulletproof Boys said through official Twitter on the day, "Thank you to everyone who listened to our song and I will continue to do my best."